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Immigration Lawyer


Immigration lawyer takes many years before he or she attains the title. First, you need to be registered as an active lawyer under a provincial BAR association. Second, you need to specify your practice in the immigration realm.

To become a lawyer, you must attain a bachelor degree. Then you are required to write LSAT to compete your chance to be enrolled in a law school. After 2-3 years law school study, you may enter a law firm as an articling student and must work full-time in the office of a principal for a continuous period of not less than nine months! However, you still to get though and register in a bar association.

Like immigration consultant, immigration lawyer can be Authorized Representatives whom IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada, CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency), ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada), IRB will recognize, accept and deal with. And only authorized representative can render services to clients and charge for a professional fee.

Time needed to become an immigration lawyer is longer than an immigration consultant. Lawyer can represent client in the federal court while RCIC cannot. Immigration consultants are under audit by a Canada wide organization ICCRC while lawyers are supervised by their provincial self-regulatory bar association. Both have insurance in case of error or omission. In general, lawyer charges higher service fee than consultant does.

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