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Express Entry

Express entry is a web based application system Immigration Canada (IRCC) used to select candidates to apply for Canada permanent resident. Applicants from all over the globe and the authorized representative who applicant hired may build applicant’s profile in this system. Based on applicant’s age, education, work experience, language skills and spouse or close family merits, the express entry system calculate and come up with CRS score.  IRCC prioritize all profiles by the CRS scores, from high to low. Every couple weeks or as designated by minister, IRCC draw the top ranked applicants and invites them to apply and submit their complete application.

This express entry system handles Federal Skilled Worker stream, Federal Skilled Trade stream, Canadian Experience Class. Many Provincial Nominee program have developed interface in connect with express entry system. All those applicants who meet the language requirement and selection criteria are opened to be invited to apply. IRCC announced that it is their goal to complete processing applications within 6 months if it is through express entry system. This public announcement give a more definite time frame compared to many other immigration streams.

Although IRCC strike to simplify their processing with new technology,  there are always complaints heard from time to time. Different applicant’s situation may vary a lot from one another. And there are many time sensitive temporary policies, Canada law different interpretation plus case law application. All these factors have huge impact to individual case.

Nevertheless, apply to becoming a permanent resident, still a complicated task to many applicants.  Simple as incorrectly perceive a term may waste time at the least, sometimes may damage the straight forward application at the worst. An authorized representative, such as immigration lawyer or immigration consultant should be your professional helper.

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