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Okanagan college – good choice to international students

Okanagan college

Okanagan College is a post secondary institution of Canada which worth our recommendation.

Studying in the top ranked university sounds nice and ideal to certain international students. However, “would the competitiveness and extremely high tuition level justify to international students?” Mr. Norman Luo challenge.

It is our humble opinion that at the undergraduate level, many public institutions like Okanagan College offer better cost-effective solution and similar quality of post secondary education. A large portion of Canadian local students apply student loan and need to work to pay their higher education. Top ranking university, like UBC, University of Toronto, charges about 3-4 times higher tuition rate than the other foundational institutions like Okanagan college.

Now a day, the no more than two year diploma programs are very employment driven, versus the four year bachelor degree programs are more foundational for the next step graduate study. To most international students, paying four or more years of three times higher or even quadruple for the same education is not a wise decision.

To a majority of high school grads, start in a college, secure a loved job, (or) then switch to higher academic pursuit may be more realistic. Not to mention that Canada immigration policy grant international student path to becoming permanent resident! Which means, there is chances that you pay domestic student tuition and continuing on your academic pursuit.

Among our many cooperated institutions, Okanagan College is a typical one we can help you to realize your realistic dream come true in a fast manner. NLAi immigration services will help you attain school admission plus study permit/visa application.

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