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Oversea student needs sincere help

Oversea student of Canada deserve the best for their futures. In this section you will find frequently asked questions from students and families, together there is a list of institutions we partnering with. As well as recommendation to students at high school or college level. Our RCIC, Mr. Norman Luo has been working with international students for many years. He pay much attention to youth’s mental health and always find way to encourage students. Mr. Luo is passionate in helping teenage and young adults. However, if you have any further questions please Contact Us or fill up our Student Consultation Form through the Online Consultation page.

Oversea student – other available services 

NLAi immigration services helps International student apply study permit, study permit extension, student status restoration, post-graduation work permit. On top, NLAi also helps oversea student strategize their plan of becoming permanent resident should they choose to after graduation.

There are different immigration streams available at federal and provincial level to oversea student. Most students may through different provincial nominee program – international graduate as well as Canadian experience class. For some students who have previous oversea or in Canada work experience, may be benefited by the federal skilled worker or federal skilled trade stream. Caregiver class also may be an option to some students.

Besides students, NLAi provides service to family members of the students too. For example, application to facilitate family members to visit or accompany the student in Canada.  To just list a few: visa application for parents, spouse or common law partner, dependent children visiting, open work permit application for spouse, free admission to primary or secondary public schools for student’s dependent children, visitor record application for student’s family member. In case student be detained in border, we can represent the detained person to attend detention hearing at IRB as well.

For more information, please go to immigration services for details.

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