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Public policy allowing visitor in Canada change to worker extended

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IRCC public policy allowing foreigner in Canada as visitor apply to change to worker has extended to Feb. 28, 2022.

Many visitors entered Canada with a visa during or before COVID pandemic are exempted certain work permit application requirement. As a temporary policy, it was initiated August 24, 2020. Many visitors have since applied and became worker while in Canada. Some of those are benefited to become PRs through various avenue available only to foreigner workers in Canada. Prior to this public policy there is no easy way for a foreign visitor to apply work permit in Canada. Under this temporary policy, applicant still need to meet the followings:

  • has and maintains temporary resident status in Canada,
  • intend to work employer-specific offer with support of LMIA or LMIA-exempt offer,
  • apply on or before Feb. 28, 2022

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Visitor to worker policy

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