IRCC recommends visitors to reapply

IRCC encourages visitor to reapply if submitted before Sept. 7 2021

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IRCC recommended that “visitors who applied before September 7, 2021and are not qualify for a COVID-19 exemption” to reapply with updated information. IRCC said you should refer the old application number, the old one will be withdraw when the new application submitted. But IRCC refuses to guarantee a refund of the withdrew old application.

Many visitors submitted their travel visa application during or before COVID pandemic. Most of these applications have been delayed way longer than we could imagine prior to the pandemic. They are applied through IRCC’s online portal. When login, it stays on the “processing” like forever. Many family member of Canadian are still looking forward visiting their loved one in Canada. Instead of revealing the actual progress through its official application portal, IRCC’s quiet announcement owes applicant a fair notice.

Canada still has travel ban in place. For those adult family member visitors(parents, siblings, etc.), they are allowed to enter the country, but they are not qualified as “COVID exemption”, should fall in to this IRCC’s recommendation. If you opt for reapply instead of waiting endlessly without being properly communicate by IRCC, you better attach a quarantine plan  together with proof of family relationship, emphasizing you will be a temporary resident in the resubmission package. Hopefully, IRCC will link back to your previous application and refund your fee.

IRCC encourage reapply

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