Caregiver demand is huge in Canada.

The caregiver stream, formerly known as the Live-in-Caregiver program, helps a lot of Canadian families in caring for their children, high medical need people and seniors. This program awards the opportunity for permanent residence in Canada to the care aide and their family. The program allows many applicants a smooth transition to life in Canada with fair market wages.

ESDC or Service Canada will assess the employer’s job offer and the employment contract to be sure that it meets the requirements for wages and working conditions and the provincial labor and employment standards, and that there are not enough Canadians or permanent residents available to work as live-in or out locally. If ESDC finds the job offer acceptable, they will issue a positive LMIA to the employer, base on which, the foreign caregiver can apply a work permit to IRCC and work legally and relieve your burden.

Caregiver requirements

  1. Speaks, reads and understands at least one of Canada’s official languages
  2. Have successfully completed the equivalent of Canadian secondary school education;
  3. Have all the training, qualifications and experience required to successfully and safely perform the job duties. (at least six months training or at least one year of full-time paid work experience as a caregiver in the past three years).
  4. Qualifications to perform caring for children or people with high medical needs

Employer requirements

  1. Proof of the need of care.(age, disability, chronic or terminal illness, etc.)
  2. Demonstrate financial ability to pay the skilled worker’s wages.
  3. Pay for the transportation costs of the caregiver to the work location in Canada, ensure suitable and affordable accommodation is available
  4. Pay for the caregiver’s private health insurance and ensure they are covered from the provincial/territorial workplace safety insurance;

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Caregiver become PR

Before hiring a caregiver, employer has to apply to ESDC for a LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). With the support of positive LMIA, the caregiver can apply for a work permit so that (s)he can come and work in Canada as a caregiver.

With at least 24 months of full time in Canada work experience as a home child care provider or home support worker under work permit within 4 year before application, the caregiver is eligible to apply and become permanent resident.

To know more about the details, please talk to an immigration lawyer or RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) for tips. And don’t forget, Caregiver Class is just one of many streams for a foreign worker become permanent resident, explore our section of Skilled Workers for other available avenues. International graduate under post-graduate work permit (PGWP) may consider working in this occupation.

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