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BCPNP Regional Pilot of Entrepreneur Immigration

Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot of BCPNP is designated for entrepreneurs who propose investment of $100,000 to establish and actively manage new business in regional enrolled communities in British Columbia outside of major population centers. Communities enrolled will identify priority economic development industries, and will select or refer prospective applicants to the BCPNP. Selected applicant and family will be issued work permit to start.

The EI Regional Pilot is designed to attract and support entrepreneurs with a desire to start a new business and settle in regional communities. Thus, the criteria as personal net worth and investment amount decreases substantially. This reflects the lower cost to start a business and settle in a less population community and the intent of capturing a new, more inclusive market segment not currently targeted by the Entrepreneur Immigration base category of the program.

The BCPNP’s Regional Pilot of Entrepreneur Immigration was introduced in March 2019 is now extended to March 31, 2024. Similar to other entrepreneur program, PNP office will review the business activities versus the performance agreement. Then applicant will apply to IRCC their permanent resident visa.

“Compared to the existing entrepreneur immigration which requires $600,000 net worth and $200,000 investment, this EI regional pilot program is more attractive to many oversea entrepreneur investors than the base category. Of course, the remote communities might not be familiar or appealing to the new comers” commented by Norman Luo, a seasoned Immigration Consultant.


  • 3+ active business owner-manager or 4+ years senior manager in the past 5 years;
  • Post-secondary credential or 100% business ownership at least 3 of the past 5 years
  • Minimum $300,000 net worth
  • New business investment of $100,000+ in the community
  • Create 1 full-time job
  • CLB 4 language proficiency

Active management must demonstrate actively managed the business for daily operations.

EI-Regional Pilot

Residence, must demonstrate the entrepreneur reside within enrolled community and lived 75% of the time while under work permit.

Pilot-specific process:

  1. Conduct an exploratory visit to the enrolled community;
  2. Develop a business proposal based on one of the community’s priority economic development industry subsectors;
  3. Meet with the designated community representative to discuss details of your business proposal;
  4. Request a referral from the community to be able to register with the PNP;
  5. Complete a language proficiency exam

BC PNP office reminds all interested applicants that only authorized representative immigration lawyer or RCIC Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can be chosen as your paid representative and provide you required immigration services.

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