A place to find good standing immigration consultant

Trustworthy RCIC, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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MyConsultant.ca is a unique virtual meeting space for prospective Canadian immigrants around the world and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), who are authorized to practice immigration law. It features in-depth articles on a variety of immigration topics, engaging essays on all things Canada, and diverse RCIC profiles.

RCIC are recognized by Canada government to provide legal advice or immigration services to those who want to come to Canada either on permanently or temporarily. Over the years, unethical practice of those unlicensed “ghost consultants” are heard from time to time. To protect your files and long lasting application, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant will make sure you are well taking care. Check this link, it is a good place for you to locate Authorized Representative, a good RCIC.

A place to find good standing immigration consultant

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